Images play an important role in different blog-posts and websites. For starters, they break down and illustrate essential points to readers. Besides, most of them generate interest to read and share content among readers. While there are many online image sources such as Pixbay and Pinterest, it is always advisable to consider creating memorable images on your own. The following posts take a look at some of the main reasons you should build your pictures and how you can do it.

 Why should you create your very own images?

Stock photos available online cost a lot of money to purchase and use. Most of them are copyright protected and are governed by different laws which are somehow complicated to interpret. Thus, to avoid all the legal drama and at the same time save yourself some money, it is normally a good idea to develop and use your free images.

 How to create useful screenshot images

If you enjoy developing how-to and tutorial content, screenshots are vital. By using free tools like Jing, you can quickly create high-quality screenshots and at the same time be able to annotate them. Annotations help make points and instructions crystal clear to your targeted readers who may be in need of a little visual supplementation.

 How to customise free images on Canva

If you are not a well trained graphic designer, you can count on Canva to help you quickly develop high-quality graphics and use them in your blog content, social media presentations. Canva provides hundreds of professionally designed templates with built-in images and overlay texts which are customizable. Basically, with Canva, all of the work is done online and what is created is free, unless of course, you opt to use a template that uses a stock photo in the background.

 How to generate infographics

In the past few months, infographics have attracted negative reviews due to the influx of low-quality options developed for the sole purpose of building links for SEO purposes. However, despite the negative reviews, they are still considered as being the best images to share. So how do you develop infographics?

To begin with, you need some exciting data which relates to your products or services. Ones you have the data, you will be required to share it in a visually appealing image, i.e. the infographic. Reliable tools like piktochart can help you go through their on pre-built templates which have been specially designed to take in data and transform them into pictorial information which is easy to follow and understand.